Free video poker online

jacks or betterIf you want to play free video poker online, there are several ways to do it. You can for instance play with pretend money, play with bonus money or receive free spins on video poker machines during certain online casino campaigns.

Play free video poker online using pretend money

Many online casinos will allow you to play all their games, including video poker, for free using pretend money. You can’t win anything but pretend money, but playing video poker for free in this fashion can still have several advantages.

  • You can learn a new video poker variant by playing rather than by studying the rule book. Since you are only playing with pretend money, it doesn’t matter if you do a few stupid moves before you get a hang of the rules.
  • You can test a lot of different video poker variants to find your favorites before switching to real money play.
  • If you have a video poker strategy or betting system that you wish to use, you can play video poker with pretend money to see if you have any success with your strategy or system.
  • You can try out how the casino works before you decide if you want to register, make a deposit and start playing video poker for real money. If the casino is not to your liking, e.g. because it is slow, bug-ridden or doesn’t have any good video poker games, you can simply leave. Since you haven’t made any deposit yet, you don’t have to waste any time on trying to withdraw money from the bad casino.

Play video poker for free using bonus money

Deuces WildThere are a lot of online casinos that will give you bonus money in various situations, e.g. when you first register, when you make your first deposit and when you participate in certain campaigns and loyalty programs. It is however important to know that not all casino bonuses are suitable for the avid video poker player.

Casino bonuses will often come with a wager requirement,which makes it impossible to withdraw any money from your account until you have met the requirement. Since video poker is a game of skill and chance rather than a game of pure chance, it is not usual for casinos to not count wagers on video poker against the bonus requirement, or only count a part of each wager (e.g. 5% or 10%) against the requirement.

Before you accept any bonus money, always check the T & C:s for the bonus offer to find out if the bonus is suitable for video poker players. There are for instance casinos that doesn’t have any wager requirement for their bonuses. Instead, they have made it impossible to withdraw the actual bonus money – but you can withdraw any winnings generated by betting your bonus. This way, you can’t withdraw the bonus but you can spend it on video poker and withdraw any video poker winnings.

Play video poker for free during campaigns

jackpot-deucesOnline casinos tend to focus their campaigns on slots, but once in a while you will find a campaign that encompasses other games instead of or in addition to slots, e.g roulette, blackjack, video poker and digital scratch cards. The chance of a campaign actually featuring offers suitable for the avid video poker player seem to increase when online casinos create large multi-day campaigns, e.g. a count down to Christmas that runs through the month of December.

It is a good idea to read any newsletters send out by online casinos where you are a member, since they can contain valuable information about video poker campaigns where you can receive or qualify for free video poker play. If a casino has a blog, Facebook page or Twitter account, these channels can also be a great source of information about campaigns.

In addition to this, there are news sites available online that focus on the online casino world. They tend to write not only about campaigns, but also about new games, major events in the gambling industry, new casino launches, etc. Regularly visiting casino news sites can be helpful when you are looking for ways to play video poker for free.