Jackpot 6000

Jackpot 6000 is a slot machine inspired by old-fashion mechanical slot machines. Classic slot symbols are used, such as the bell, the star, the cherries, the lemon, the grapes and the joker. There is only 3 reels and a mere 5 paylines.

What sets the video slot Jackpot 6000 apart from its mechanical ancestors is the super-meter mode, where you can make a larger bet than in the base game and may be rewarded with a Mystery Win of up to 6,000 coins.

The largest individual win on Jackpot 6000 is 6,000 coins, hence the name. The second largest individual win is 1,600 coins.

jackpott 6000

Basic facts about Jackpot 6000

Developer NetEnt
Theme Retro slot
Reels 3
Paylines 5
Skill stop feature Yes
Wild symbol No
Scatter symbol No
Free spins round No
Bonus game Supermeter mode
Gamble feature (double or nothing) Yes
Progressive jackpot No
Fixed jackpot 6,000 coins

Double or nothing (gamble feature)

Anytime you win something while playing Jackpot 6000, you have the option of risking your win in a game of double or nothing. This is called the gambling feature and it is completely voluntary. Also, you don’t have to risk your entire win – you can elect to risk only a part of it.

If you elect to play double or nothing, you task is to correctly predict the outcome of a coin toss. (There is no real coin. The outcome is determined by the random number generator.) You select heads or tail.

If your prediction turns out to be wrong, you lose your money.

If your prediction comes true, your money is doubled.

You can continue to play double or nothing as long as you keep on winning, or reach the upper limit.

Super-meter mode

jackpott 6000 slotIf you bet 10 coins in the basic game, you have a chance of qualifying for super-meter mode. When you play less than 10 coins on a round in the basic game, there is no way of getting to super-meter mode on Jackpot 6000.

When you win in the basic game on a wager of 10 coins, you can elect to move on to super-meter mode. It is completely voluntary.

When you have reached the super-meter mode, the stakes will be higher than in the base game. In super-meter mode, all 5 paylines are permanently activated and you are always wagering 20 coins.

If two jokers appear simultaneously, anywhere on the reels, while you are in super-meter mode, you will win a Mystery Bonus Prize. This prize can be anything from 10 coins to 6,000 coins.

When you don’t want to play in super-meter mode anymore, simply click “Collect” to go back to the base game or click “Transfer” to move over to a game of double or nothing (the coin flip game).

Skill stop feature

The skill stop features lets you push a button to stop the reels prematurely. There really isn’t any “skill” involved, since the outcome of the round is determined by a random number generator, not by a player using the skill stop feature at a specific moment.

Regular payout schedule

Ordinary symbols

Combination Coin win
3 Star Symbols 100
3 Bell Symbols 80
3 Grape Symbols 60
3 Lemon Symbols 20
3 Cherry Symbols 20

Joker symbols

When three Joker symbols appear on any enabled payline, the payout is:

Coins Wagered Coin win
2 coins 400
4 coins 800
6 coins 1,200
8 coins 1,600
10 coins 6,000