Power Poker video poker

Power Poker gives you the opportunity to play more than one video poker hand simultaneously. In many online casinos, you can chose between playing 4 hands, 10 hands, 25 hands, 50 hands or 100 hands with one bet.

Power Poker is available for many different video poker variants, including Tens or Better, Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild and All American.

When playing Power Poker, you don’t make an individual decision for each hand. You get to see one hand and make a decision for that hand, and this decision is then mirrored for all the other hands. Because of this, Power Poker is less a game of skill and more a game of luck than normal 1-hand video poker.

How to play Power Poker video poker

  1. Open one of the Power Poker games, e.g. Jacks or Better – 50 Play Power Poker.
  2. Set bet size. You can not adjust bet size for each individual hand. Your set bet size will be multiplied by the total number of hands. So, a $1 bet in Jacks or Better – 50 Power Poker equals a total bet of $50.
  3. Start the round. In most versions of Power Poker, you do this by pressing the DEAL button.
  4. All hands are dealt. Each hand is dealt from its own deck. Your primary hand will be displayed much more prominently on the screen than the other hands.
  5. Decide which cards to keep and which cards to discard in your primary hand.
  6. The choice you make for your primary hand is mirrored for all other hands. The best choice for the primary hand may not be the ideal choice for the round as a whole and vice versa.
  7. The program will automatically check for winning hands and display the result.


Playing Power Poker means giving up the power to play each individual hand in an optimal fashion. Also, you are spending money betting on hands that you might not even take a proper look at. In Jacks or Better 4 Play Power Poker or 10 Play Power Poker it is still fairly easy to check all hands and make a decision based on what’s bet for the round as a whole, but when we start playing 50 hands or even 100 hands per round checking each individual hand and mentally calculating the best move for the round as a whole becomes quite a task for most players.

Many players of Power Poker opt for a strategy where they try to locate the single most promising hand in the round and act based on what they deem best for that specific hand, rather than trying to calculate the statistically optimal choice for the round as a whole. There are several problems with this strategy, including the risk of going with choice X to support the single best hand while simultaneously sacrificing several other nearly as good hands that would all have been served well by choice Y.