Million Dollar Video Poker by Bob Dancer

Published in 2003, Million Dollar Video Poker by Bob Dancer is one of the best selling books about video poker. Instead of being just a run of the mill strategy guide for video poker, this book is part biography with a focus on the intensive six-month period (September 2000 – March 2001) when Dancer and his then-wife Shirley turned a six thousand dollar bankroll into over $1 million dollars by playing video poker in the United States.

million dollar videopokerRooted in the real events of his own life rather than just mathematics, Dancer explains the basics of profitable video poker in a accessible and highly entertaining fashion. This books includes everything from handy video poker tips and methods for in-dept expectation analysis to anecdotes from Dancer’s life in Las Vegas at the turn of the 20th century.

While reading Million Dollar Video Poker, it is important to realize that some things have changed since this book was published and some of the video poker machines that were available back then might not be there now. On the other hand, the astonishing expansion of online gambling has made it easier than ever before to sample a large variety of video poker machines and casinos – and you can do it all from the comfort of you own home.

About Bob Dancer

Bob Dancer is a professional video poker player, author and lecturer from the United States. He is most famous for his book Million Dollar Video Poker, but is also a frequent contributor to gambling publications such as Strictly Slots, Casino Player and the Las Vegas Review. He regularly holds video poker classes at casinos in Nevada, and his hour-long radio show Gambling with an Edge (co-hosted with Richard W. Munchkin) is broadcasted in the Las Vegas area by KLAV radio and also available online on Bob Dancer’s site.

Examples of books written by Bob Dancer:

  • Million Dollar Video Poker
  • Video Poker for the Intelligent Beginner
  • Sex, Lies, and Video Poker
  • More Sex, Lies, and Video Poker

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