Deuces Wild

Deuces Wild is a video poker game where all the deuces (2’s) are wild cards. In Deuces Wild, a deuce can replace any other card to help you form a winning poker hand. Also, it is possible to get the unusual poker hand five of a kind.

There are many different types of Deuces Wild poker machines available, so it is important to check the rules and the paytable for the specific Deuces Wild poker machine you are interested in betting on.

Deuces WildFull Pay Deuces Wild

A Deuces Wild video poker machine where the statistical return to player (RTP) is very close to or even exceeds 100% for max bets is called a Full Pay Deuces Wild. Deuces Wild machines labeled Classic Deuces Wild are often, but certainly not always, full pay machines. Double Deuces and Loose Deuces are two other examples of Deuces Wild-based games that tend to come with a very high RTP.

Traditional paytable for Classic Deuces Wild

You can bet 1 coin, 2 coins, 3 coins, 4 coins or 5 coins on a Classic Deuces Wild poker machine, but to simplify things we are only showing the payouts for 1 coin bets and 5 coin bets in this paytable.

Hand 1 coin bet 5 coin bet

Natural Royal Straight Flush

(A Royal Straight Flush formed without the aid of any deuce.)



4 Decues



Wild Royal Straight Flush

(A Royal Straight Flush including at least one deuce.)



Five of a Kind



Straight Flush



Four of a Kind



Full House









Three of a Kind



RTP 99,679% 100,762%

Double Deuces

Double Deuces is a variation of Deuces Wild that is available with several different payout tables. Two of the most common ones are 16/11 Double Deuces and 16/13 Double Deuces. 16/11 Double Deuces have an RTP of 99,6% while 16/13 Double Deuces features an RTP of 100,9%. (Both RTP:s are calculated for max bets.)

Loose Deuces

Loose Deuces are another variation of Deuces Wild, and just like Double Deuces it is available with several different paytables. These are the four most commonly available ones:

  • 17/10 Loose Deuces have an RTP of 101,6%.
  • 15/10 Loose Deuces have an RTP of 101,2%.
  • 12/10 Loose Deuces have an RTP of 100,2%.
  • 12/8 Loose Deuces have an RTP of 99,8%.

Examples of low paying Deuces Wild

There are quite a few different low paying variants of Deuces Wild available, i.e. Deuces Wild video poker machines with a lower RTP than Classic Deuces Wild. Always check the paytable to find out if a Deuces Wild video poker machines is high paying or low paying.

Here are a two things to keep in mind:

  • If you notice a paytable where you are paid 4 times your bet for Four of a Kind, be vigilant because this is often a sign of a low paying Deuces Wild. Classic Deuces Wild will pay 5 times your bet for a Four of a Kind. Of course, it is possible to create a paytable where a low payout for Four of a Kind is more than adequately compensated by a high payout for one or several other poker hands, but this is unusual. What is usual however, is for the game maker to increase the payouts for Straight Flush and Five of a Kind a bit, but not enough to compensate for the low Four of a Kind pay. The increased payments for Straight Flush and Five of a Kind might look tempting at first glance, but from a mathematical/statistical point of view they need to be pretty high to compensate for the low Four of a Kind pay since you are much more likely to get Four of a Kind than Straight Flush or Five of a Kind when playing Deuces Wild.
  • In the paytable for Classic Deuces Wild, you can see how a natural Royal Straight Flush pays better than a wild Royal Straight Flush. Be vigilant with Deuces Wild machines where this distinction between “natural” hands and “wild” hands are carried over to more hands than just the Royal Straight Flush, because such machines are usually low paying machines.

Basic strategy advice for Classic Deuces Wild

  • Do not discard deuces. Yes, a Natural Royal Straight Flush will pay more than a Wild Royal Straight Flush, but from a statistical standpoint, discarding deuces is not a good idea.
  • If you have played a lot of Jacks or Better, it may be tempting to hold on to a single high card in your starter hand. In Deuces Wild however, you never get paid for a pair – not even a pair of aces. Three of a kind is the lowest paying poker hand in Deuces Wild and it is important to remember this while playing – especially if you are more used to Jacks or Better. Another common pitfall for players switching from Jacks or Better to Deuces Wild is to hold on to a deuce + a high card instead of only holding on to the deuce and get four new cards.
  • If you get a natural pair (a pair that does not include any deuce) and an incomplete Flush or incomplete Straight in the same starter hand, the statistically wise thing to do is to keep the pair intact even if it means destroying the incomplete Flush or incomplete Straight. The rational behind this is a combination of the (comparatively) low pay for Flush and Straight in Classic Deuces Wild and how low the chances are of you actually completing the Flush or Straight. The fact that Four of a Kind and Five of a Kind pays well in Classic Deuces Wild is another reason to hang on to a natural pair rather than chasing incomplete Flushes and Straights.
  • Two pair is not a winning hand in Classic Deuces Wild. So, even if it breaks your heart, you need to throw one of the pairs away when your start hand contains two natural pairs.