Video Poker and Loyalty Programs

Joining a casino loyalty program can be great for the avid video poker player, but it is important to keep in mind that not all loyalty program were created equally.

Video poker is a game of both skill and chance, and the serious player will always try to find good ways of bringing the house edge down and increasing the statistically expected return to player. We do this in various ways, e.g. by choosing video poker games with a high RTP, sticking to a statistically optimal strategy and playing max bet on machines that have a higher RTP for max bet play. Another, often overlooked, way of increasing your profits in the long run is by playing in casinos that have loyalty programs suitable for video poker players.

Find the right loyalty program

Many loyalty programs have a strong focus on slots and are also quite fond of promoting other games of pure chance, such as scratch cards. When it comes to games where skill is an element, such as blackjack and video poker, finding a suitable loyalty program can be much trickier.

Here are a few important aspects to keep in mind when checking out the type of casino loyalty program that will give you loyalty points for playing and has benefits tied to the accumulation of loyalty points.

  • Collecting loyalty points

Always check if 100% of wagers on video poker will count towards your accumulation of loyalty points. In some casinos, wagers on video poker will not give you any loyalty points or the rules of the loyalty program will stipulate that only a part of each wager (e.g. 25%) on video poker machines will give you loyalty points.

Don’t forget to check if all video poker machines in the casino will qualify you for loyalty points or if there are any exceptions. Don’t be surprised if you find that wagers on high paying video poker machines (e.g. 9/6 Jacks or Better) are disqualified from the loyalty points program.

  • Exchanging loyalty points

Great! You’ve managed to collect a big pile of loyalty points and now is your time to exchange them for bonus money. But wait – there seems to be a lot of Terms & Conditions adhering to your hard-earned bonus money.

When you investigate a loyalty program, always check the terms and conditions for the exchange of loyalty points. Can you use the bonus money to make wagers on video poker machines? Is there a play through requirement for the bonus money? Will wagers on video poker machines count (fully or partially) towards the play through requirement?

  • Other benefits

Often, loyalty programs have other benefits in addition to the point exchange. While it is a good idea to check out these benefits, it is important not to be led astray by valuable but really hard to get perks. If you would gain roughly a thousand loyalty points a month playing at your current level, perks available to players earning 10,000 loyalty points a month isn’t really what you should focus on when you evaluate various loyalty programs.