Frugal Gambler Software

Frugal Gambler Software is a tutorial and analysis tool for novice and intermediate video poker players. Behind this software is the famous Jean “Queen of Comps” Scott, author of such successful video poker guides as the “Frugal Video Poker” and “The Frugal Video Poker Scouting Guide”.

frugal gamblerThe Frugal Gambler Software covers everything from statistical models for an entire game to holding/hitting strategies for specific hands. While you play video poker within the Frugal Gambler Software, the program will analyze your decisions and point out situations where your actions deviate from statistically optimal play. The Frugal Gambler Software can create simulations for over a 100 different video poker variants. The software is also filled with handy little tools and will provide you with a wealth of information, including info on the long-term losses caused by you not adhering to optimal play strategy.

The neat flash card mode will spit out a steady stream of video poker scenarios for you and ask you to provide an answer for each conundrum. If you prefer an other type of learning technique, switch to tournament mode and let yourself be challenged. In tournament mode, the clock is ticking and you need to be able to reach your decisions in a speedy fashion.

Feedback and advice on your play is an integral part of the Frugal Gambler Software, spurring you on to become an increasingly skilled and competent video poker player.

Another convenient part of Frugal Gambler Software are the strategy charts for over 100 different video poker machine paytables. You can scale them to a comfortable size within the program and print them out if you want to bring them with you on your next offline casino visit.

About Jean Scott

Jean Scott is a gambler best known for her book “The Frugal Gambler”, published in 1998. The Frugal Gambler is a great guide for novice casino players and includes segments on anything from money management to casino comps and discounts. Want to know how to leverage your comps, eat for free and get the casino to spot you a plane ticket? Then this is the book for you.

In 2003, the sequel “More Frugal Gambling” was released, targeting not just beginner gamblers but anyone who enjoy gambling in casinos. Since then, Jean Scott has also published “Tax Help for Gamblers”, “Frugal Video Poker” and “The Frugal Video Poker Scouting Guide”.

Jeans Scott, affectionately known as the Gambling Grandma, has made frequent television appearances and is a recurring gambling authority on Discovery and The Travel Channel. 48 Hours, Hard Copy and Dateline are just a few examples of mainstream networks were her gambling expertise has been utilized for the benefit of the viewers.

Scott is also a popular speaker for both casino guests and casino executives.

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