WinPoker Video Poker Software

WinPoker is a video poker instruction software developed by renowned video poker players Bob Dancer. WinPoker allows you to run statistical statistical analysis of your playing. You will be tutored by the program and find out where you are committing (statistical) errors.

winpokerWinPoker is a convenient software for those who wish to learn how to engage in statistically optimal play in order to beat the house edge and make long-term profits. There are video poker machines out there where the RTP exceeds 100% for perfect play over time, so learning how to play optimal video poker is not a waste of time.

WinPoker is filled with 15 pre-programmed game templates, including not just templates for common video poker variants like 9/6 Jacks or Better and Full Pay Deuces Wild, but also for more rare ones, like Atlantic City Joker Poker and 10/7 Double Bonus Poker. If you can’t find a template for the video poker variant you wish to learn how to master, simply add information about the game into the WinPoker software and the program will run simulations based on that info.

WinPoker is suitable for computers that use Windows as their operative system.

Advantages of using WinPoker

  • 15 pre-programmed game templates
  • In-depth statistical analysis of your play
  • You will receive warnings about (statistical) errors.
  • Use the WinPoker tutor to break down the numbers and gain a deeper understanding of video poker statistics.
  • The tutor will sort your errors into three groups: minor errors, moderate errors and major errors.
  • Each of the pre-programmed game templates comes with a menu displaying variations of that particular video poker game.

About Bob Dancer

Bob Dancer is a video poker player and instructor best known for his book “Million Dollar Video Poker”. In this book, Dancer recounts six years of his life playing video poker, including the intensive six-month period (September 2000 – March 2001) when Dancer and his then-wife Shirley turned a six thousand dollar bankroll into over $1 million dollars by playing video poker.

Dancer is a regular contributor to the Las Vegas Advisor and the monthly magazine Strictly Slots. Earlier, he had a weekly column in the Las Vegas Review Journal together with Jeffrey Compton.

In Las Vegas, Bob Dancer teaches video poker classes at various casinos. Together with professional gambler Richard W. Munchkin, Dancer hosts the weekly hourlong radio show “Gambling With An Edge” which can be heard on KLAV in Las Vegas. You don’t have to be in Las Vegas to catch the show, since it is live streamed on KLAV:s site and archived on Dancer’s own site.

Examples of books written by Bob Dancer:

  • Million Dollar Video Poker
  • Video Poker for the Intelligent Beginner
  • Sex, Lies, and Video Poker
  • More Sex, Lies, and Video Poker