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Video Poker at SuperSlotsMost serious video poker players are familiar with Bob Dancer. His Million Dollar Video Poker is the book to read for beginning players. Those who haven't read Million Dollar Video Poker are probably familiar with Bob Dancer's writing in various gambling publications. What some don't know is that Bob Dancer offers his own video poker instruction software called Win Poker.

Win Poker allows players to play the most popular video poker games on the market. As the game is played, you can set the Win Poker software to run statistical analyses of your playing. This game "tutor" then lets the player know if errors have been committed according to the probabilities.

WinPoker Software from Bob Dancer

Win Poker Tutor - Rushmore CasinoNot only does the player receive a warning about errors being made, but the player can refer to the Win Poker tutor to break down the numbers. You can learn how large of a deviation any given play makes. The tutor groups the errors into three categories: major, moderate and minor.

Once players start to analyze their play on a video poker game, they learn to correct mistakes. This encourages optimal play, which is a must if you want to beat the house edge and start to play video poker with positive expectation.

Win Poker Overview

The latest Win Poker software comes with the fifteen most played video poker games in casinos. Each comes with a menu of the many variations of that particular game, virtually any version you'll find in a casino. Also, there are options for player-defined settings. This means you can program any pay schedule you might be playing into Win Poker and run simulations using those parameters.

Win Poker by Bob Dancer is one of the best study and practice tools on the market. Video poker players are lucky to be able to run such models. Video poker is one of the more analytical games out there because it's a game that can be beaten if the holes in the game are analyzed and the right strategies are learned. So many other games have such a huge house edge that no amount of cunning is going to help the gambler.

Consider Win Poker to be a cram session for your next trip to the casino. If you intend on playing live poker, you're likely to play a few hands of low-blind online poker somewhere to practice. You might even read a book or two and try out those concepts in your favorite online poker room. Win Poker software allows you to sharpen your video poker skills by practicing on your computer at the house. Once you start to learn the correct plays, you'll find your live video poker money sessions to be so much more enjoyable.

Win Poker 6th Edition

Win Poker has been such a success that the program is on its 6th edition. To use the latest Bob Dancer's Win Poker software, you'll need to use a Windows 95 or Windows 98 or later operating system. Virtually everyone in the free world has that, so it shouldn't be a problem.

Win Poker costs around $30. If you plan on becoming a serious video poker player, that's a small price to pay for the knowledge contained. The game allows you to simulate virtually any game on the market and to analyze that game's pay schedule.

Bob Dancer and WinPoker on the Internet

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